BigaPixel or extreme resolution

January 21st, 2007

Checking through my link database I had a look to some old links about SLR photograpy, suddenly saw this. Google maps making new things possible  (also reload to get more pictures)


3D photos always interesting

November 16th, 2006

Ever since the first photo’s were made there was the 3d photo, but never in its history it was ever too popular. Here another attempt to make it happen. Nice try!

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Alternative wireless computing

November 16th, 2006

Have a look to the site below and see that we could have had our wireless computing years ago. With technology of 20 years ago we could have done it.

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Books on Switzerland

November 16th, 2006

Got a request a while ago on some books on Switzerland, have a look below, they have a good selection. I will keep adding as I find more:

masai shoes?

November 16th, 2006

Problems with your back, try thinking about your feet. Could be that the problem originates from the way you walk. A new way of walking through the Masai shoe. Like standing on a half-ball-shaped shoe your body will have to find a balance every step and even when standing.

Have a look on their site:

or look here

Rabbits are People too

November 16th, 2006

Huh? I saw a small documentary about a person in Ireland. He had written a book called “Rabbits are People Too”. No bookshop wanted to buy it or put it in their store.

I tried a search on the internet but can’t find it at all. Almost impossible, I thought everything is on the internet….

Please post me if you have some information on this subject.

Windows Vista III - all ready to go

November 16th, 2006

I received another pre-release of Vista a few weeks ago and have to admit it is now a lot better. Install went a lot faster and the disk was recognized by all drives I tried it on. Seems the Microsoft team had a surprize in the store and did not show there best at the first beta I had.

Start and restart is faster than XP and if this continues it is really worth moving to XP as soon as you can can get it in the shop.

So I give it a all ready to go!

PhotoKina in YouTube

October 1st, 2006

If you haven’t had the time to visit the Photokina  but you want to have a look about what went on there, then have a look on youtube. Great resource for getting information without having to wait for tv to cover this.

Great news of course is the Sigma SD14 although a higher resolution full size chip probably would have been better for the camera.

First an impression of the LOMO wall  Lomo stands for lo-fi photos. Also have a look at all movies from MREICHMANN -report on Leica - HPz printers - Medium Format Ditigal

From Imaging Resource - Pentax K10DMinox DCC Leica M3 - Kuboto Image tools - Sigma SD14 - HPZ3100 - NiK Software - - DxO software - Lensbabies -  Leica M8 - Canon G7 - Seitz - Epson 5000 - Voightlander DLP-200 - FujiFilm - Panasonic - Acolens

More on Sigma SD14 - from Pixinfo - Sony Alpha 100 - Fuji S5Pro

From ArcadeDK Photokina 2006 AV News

Distributed Human - Nasa Stardust Mission.

September 15th, 2006




stardust.jpgWas it distributed computing to start with, now there is the distributed Human. Well that was there before but due to the computer and the internet work that takes a human can be distributed also.


Listening to BBC world, I heard a program about the Nasa Stardust mission. Like SETI there is now also STARDUST. This website lets you train, certify and then help find impact-holes in the aarogel that was exposed outside in space.

Your findings wil be used to point Nasa to the parts of the aerogel where small micro-comets have hit the gel. What you see is a few frames taken through the microscope which simulate you focussing on the gel. Since it seems difficult for a computer to find this the human - trained eye -  is used in this search. Experience in watching through a microscope will be of advantage but the training is very usefull and you will have to take a simple exam where if you rate 8 out of 10 ok you will pass.

Want to join, follow this link here





Windows XP Scheduled Tasks - not running…

September 7th, 2006

In the control panel you will find an icon for the scheduled tasks. It is handy if you want to run a program every day, make a backup or create a zip archive of a directory etc.

I was creating a new tasks and testing this. But what ever I tried it did not work. It would run when I pressed “RUN” but it would not run on the timer… I was puzzled. Finally, going through the options I suddenly saw what happened.

There is an option in the scheduled tasks which is ticked by default … “Do not run when running on battery”

Of course I was trying this on a portable and just testing the battery … Mystery solved.

My task runs!